Hopkins is a small fishing village on the mainland of Belize and is known as one of the friendliest villages in Belize.

Hopkins has a laid back village lifestyle that is cozy and relaxed. 


There are many things to do in the immediate Hopkins area or within driving distance including:

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The Belizeans are warm, friendly, contented people, who welcome visitors.


This tiny country of about 8500 square miles is situated on the east coast of Central America, about 16 degrees North of the Equator.

The population of some 300,000 are of mixed races, mainly, Garifunan, Creole, Mayan and Spanish. There are strong British and U.S. influences with English being the working language.

Belize was until 1964, British Honduras and remained as a British Colony until 1981. The tiny democracy has retained and improved upon many of the institutions and infrastructure introduced by the British. Belize boasts of high standard hospitals, schools and social programmes not enjoyed by many of the neighbouring countries.


Belize is bordered by Guatemala to the West and South, and the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico to the North. 

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